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Akrotiri Cove Villa is gracefully located in a secluded place on the island of Santorini, hugged gently by the island breeze. Surrounded by the blue of the Aegean sea, the black of the dramatic cliffs and the bright light of the summer sun, this is an eclectic and idyllic place in the centre of the Aegean with exclusive sunset views. 
Akrotiri is a settlement found on the southwestern part of the island, with an exquisite ancient site bearing the same name. Within a few minutes, you will have the opportunity to visit the site and admire the well-preserved ancient settlement that has survived through the centuries and the ongoing volcanic eruptions. Within short distance, all the iconic beaches of Santorini are accessible from Akrotiri. The Red, the White and the Black beaches are all found in the north, offering a superb swimming experience to guests in search of the island's lunar shaped coastline. 
Combining serenity and privacy along with smooth access to major Santorini attractions, Akrotiri is far from the noise and crowds. However, it is still close enough for anyone seeking to experience Fira and its vibrant lifestyle. Within 10 miles, you have the chance to reach the island's capital and dance till the first morning sun rays, indulge in endless shopping and enjoy the imposing caldera. 
Welcome to Akrotiri Cove Villa, the perfect place to be for unique moments of privacy, luxury and serenity in Santorini! 
Akrotiri Cove Villa
Akrotiri, 84700, Santorini
Tel: +30 6947093723, +30 6987 391111

Notification Number Akrotiri Cove: 1068803
Notification Number swimming tang: 1068810
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